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Exotic Car Heist: How a Cyber Criminal Stole Millions with Stolen Identities

The world of exotic cars is one of glamour and luxury, with high-end vehicles worth millions of dollars cruising through the streets of major cities. But for one cyber criminal , these cars represented an opportunity to make a quick buck. The criminal, whose identity remains unknown, had a sophisticated operation that involved stealing identities and cloning credit cards. They would use these fake identities to purchase exotic cars from dealerships across the country, often paying in full with cloned credit cards. Once they had possession of the cars, the criminal would transport them to a warehouse where they were prepped for transport overseas. Using fake documents and paperwork, the cars were shipped out of the country, never to be seen again. The scheme went undetected for several months, as the criminal continued to steal more and more cars. But eventually, the dealerships caught on to the scam and reported it to the authorities. An investigation was launched, and the trail led ba

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